Rules and Dress Code

The club doesn't tolerate discrimination in any form, based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and others. The club tolerates good style and tone, as well as family values.

Usage of mobile phones
The usage of mobile phones on the premises, in the Club Restaurant in particular, is undesirable.

Video and photo shooting
On the premises of The Residence Exclusive Club video and photo shooting, both with professional and amateur equipment, is strictly forbidden without explicit permission from the Club.

Security and safety
Carrying personal weapons or bringing in personal security guards is forbidden at the premises of The Residence Exclusive Club.

The Residence Exclusive Club is an elite private club, which insists on certain dress standards and style. Members and their guests are expected to wear appropriate attire, according to the circumstances and the purpose of their visit. Casual-elegant and business styles are absolutely mandatory.

Business attire:
For gentlemen it includes: a dress suit with shirt, or blazer with a tie and closed shoes.
For ladies it includes: skirt suit or pants suit with blouse, or jacket, and closed shoes.

Casual-elegant attire:
For gentlemen it includes: pants with shirt, blouse or jacket/blazer, and closed shoes. For ladies it includes: dress, skirt or pants with blouse and closed shoes.

The Residence Exclusive Club would like to ask its members and their guests to avoid the following: track suits, leotards, sports shoes (sneakers, slippers, flip-flops), sporty T-shirts, cut-off short pants, stockings with garter belts or provokative underwear, which is visible.